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Established in 2007 and also known as GLOTECH, GLOBAL TRADE & TECHNOLOGY W.L.L. is a prominent name in the realm of environmental equipment and services. Our dedication to innovation and reliability has made us a trusted partner in delivering cutting-edge environmental solutions. With a commitment to excellence in technology and services, GloTech is your go-to source for a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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Who We Are

GloTech is a performance-oriented company and
provide cost effective uncompromised professional
services to the entire satisfaction to every clients
complying the regulatory requirement and meeting
the international standards of quality and

GloTech provides one-window solutions in the area
of Supplies, Installation, Commissioning, Training,
Maintenance, Calibration, and Monitoring Services of;
Ø Environmental
Ø Medical & Industrial Laboratory
Ø Process & Pipeline Equipment
Ø Medical & Non-Medical Supplies
Ø Environmental Services (Monitoring

Environmental Management Plan (EMP),
Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

Our team comprises of highly efficient and
committed Sales and Service Engineers,
Environmental Engineers and Monitoring
Technicians serving GloTech's mission of rendering
high-quality service to our customers. The secret of
Our success lies in our continuous efforts in
achieving customer's satisfaction and confidence by
catering to their specific needs with a blend of
highest standard & quality of international standards.


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Tel: +974 4437-6658

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